Confidence is an important thing which hard to maintain, but it’s vital. I’ve experienced both sides. And I can simplify it for two simple statements:

  1. Overconfidence sells.
  2. Lack of confidence works.

Politicians guarantee that the first rule works. Selling something with no knowledge of a subject is their way to make a living out of… us. It’s just how our brain works, some mumbling guy doesn’t get our attention despite his knowledge and skills. Even if he does, he will question himself all the time about his qualification for the job and question you. Clients don’t like questions, believe me. The best-selling dialogue looks like

“It’ll be outstanding!”




There will be some variations but the backbone is the same.

But the lack of confidence makes people great at something. Questioning themselves, trying to find problems inside they are improving. Or falling in the permanent depression. Or both. Talent is synonymous of the problems with confidence for me.

So we see it every day. Some overconfident moron sells something and some nerds have to do the actual job. It’s how any big business works.

But we have a problem. This system demands two guys at least. If you are a self-employed person and produce art I bet you are alone and on the nerdy side. Especially good art.

And there is an interesting thing. Trying to stay in balance, judging yourself correct is an obvious solution. But it’s hard to achieve it’s even impossible. And it’s the straightest way to mediocrity, which kills everything. A carpenter can be mediocre, in arts only best survives. So what I see in the real world is people with almost complete two personalities. One is public, which produces overwhelming confidence, and another one is private, vulnerable, seeking for imperfectness.

I wish I could be like this. But it’s another talent which I don’t have.