My name is Dmitry Belousov.
I mix and produce pop, rock, and everything in between.


From €25 / hour

Online Mixing

From €250 / track

Online Reamping

From €5 / minute


  • All
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Mics
  • Other

Terms and prices

Mixing and mastering

The main price is €100 per mix, up to 50 individual tracks. €10 for every additional 10 tracks. Two free revisions. €10 for every extra revision.

Online reamping

€2 per minute. The time is rounded up to the next full minute, for instance, 5:17 = 6 min. Up to 4 mics. +€1 per minute for any extra setup, both will be processed simultaneously.


€20 per hour - my studio, €15 - any other place.

How long?

One or two days since I receive files and payment.

How to pay?

PayPal, ePayments, SEPA. 50% in advance.

What about freelance platforms?

I don’t mind using them, but it’ll be about 10% more expensive because of their commissions, conversions, etc.


I do guarantee that you won’t receive something dramatically different than the tracks from my portfolio are. However, I  appreciate rough and reference mixes.


I always answer in 24 hours.


1-Y Kirpichnyy Pereulok 8, Moscow, Russia